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Default Gigabyte GA-N650SLI-DS4 motherboard not detecting PCI-e graphics card

Hi guys
I have this Gigabyte GA-N650SLI-DS4

It does not have onboard SVGA

With no graphics card fitted it beeps as you would expect then continues to boot (According to the POST test card) to 7F

If I put a graphics card in the PCIe slot nearest the CPU it gets into a loop up to C1, repeats several times, then goes to C3

If i put a graphics card in the other PCIe it beeps to say there is no graphics card, then hangs for a while and eventually boots to FF

I thought there may be some problem with the North Bridge but then I spotted this QFP near the PCI slots that looks somewhat distressed

It's a TSB43AB23 which is readily available on aliexpress for a couple of euros. The datasheet says it transfers data from the 33MHz PCI to IEEE1394

So obviously I need to replace that. I wonder if it is actually causing all the problems with the PCIe slots as well, I thought PCIe was North Bridge bus and PCI was south bridge? but I will happily believe this could cause problems on the other bus. Also what would cause it to burn out? Someone connect something wrong like a USB to the 1394 header? There is some corrosion on two pins of the 1394 connector as well, maybe something got inside here?

OK so anything else worth checking first or just order a chip?
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