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Default MX-Linux 19.1 - Freaking Fast!

Finally got around to loading this OS to a couple of old boxes.

First, an ASUS P5GV-MX with a 3.2G 32-bit Prescott HT CPU and 4 sticks of 512MB OCZ Dual Channel PC3200 Ram, using the Onboard Intel graphics. Board uses Intel 915 chipset.

Boots and loads really fast, about twice as fast as Linux Mint. Video performance much improved, no stutter. This is on a 24 inch monitor at full resolution, but the youtube window size is smaller.

Threw a couple of messages on startup "microcode 7" went by so fast I couldn't take it in.

Second a Tyan K8WE dual Opteron 940 CPU board using 8GB ECC DDR Ram and GS8400 video. Will have to use the Nvidia Drivers as some stutter, but this board has always underwhelmed. However, it now boots WAY faster than under Mint 17.3.

Lots more messages zoomed by too fast to read.

Problem is I cant seem to find Log File Viewer to see the logs and find out what they say. This distro is an XFCE front end using Debian.

Any ideas on the logs, experience with this distro or comments?

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