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Default Re: DELL OEM H240AS-00 (HIPRO) ~ major blow up!

Originally Posted by ben7 View Post
Ahh, okay, thanks for the info!

I've since fixed the computer. Sorry for not giving an update until now...
I bought a replacement PSU. I actually opened that up (I know, tsk tsk tsk).
It is different inside. MUCH nicer build quality, it was amazing! Single 12V rail design, with DC-DC converters for the minor voltages.
I'm not sure who built it, as it wasn't obvious.
But it did use good capacitors as well. There were a few CapXons in there, but eh, I think they are fine now. They may be cheap and chinese, but they've obviously changed electrolytes now so they won't go bad as often ...
(A few of the CapXons were polymers, BTW)
How do you know that? The polymers may be fine. But CapXon will always be CrapXon, I wouldn't count on them to um, "rectify" anything about their manufacturing process. On the other hand, at least you have a PSU that doesn't harbor the same problem as the last.

EDIT: The "capacitor" plague has only gone away on motherboards. It still exists everywhere else. Extra cheap brands like CrapXon don't bother with proper (or any) QC testing or high purity and quality materials, so they will always be inconsistent and unreliable, unless they somehow come under new and better management (which I doubt).

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