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Default Philips 234e problem - flickering screen

Hi guys, I have this Philips 234e that I picked up at a car boot sale

There was no PSU with it but looking around for replacement power supplies I found this is a 19V monitor

I have it connected to my bench PSU, it powers up, the white LED on the front lights up, then the screen flickers/flashes (not evenly) for a couple of seconds, the white LEd goes out and it shuts back down - only to repeat the process.

Stupid question first - how do I actually open this thing up? There are only two screws on the back near the input sockets. I removed those. I assume it has some sort of hidden clips somewhere that hold it together.

There is a little oblong slot on the back with a padlock icon by it

Normally you can find tear down videos for this sort of thing, but I had no joy with this one. I'm hoping someone else has worked on these.


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