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Default Dell poweredge 2600 power supply nps-730ab

I haven't touched this server in like 6 years and I was getting ready to throw it out but figured id make a backup of the data on it.

It had been connected to power but not actually switched on for a few years (would have unplugged it if I had noticed). Worked last time I used it a few years ago. Im guessing the startup cap went out, and its not really worth the money or effort for me to go much further then that to fix this (why im not just buying a power supply on ebay for $40)

Anyways trying to figure out which cap is the startup cap. Its been a while since I worked on a power supply but the startup cap has to be on the hotside? should be close to the pfc IC?

The cap inbetween the 2 heatsinks is c3 a UCC KME 25v 47uF (in between the smaller heatsink with bridge rec and the large heatsink with mosfets)

the caps on the small vertical board next to the transformer are:
c511 maybe a lelon? 50v 4.7uF
c518 ucc KME 25v 47uF
c15 25v 100uf
c26? same as c518 I think, cant really read it where it is placed
c12? ucc SMG 16v 100uF

So am I right that its probably the startup cap, and which cap do you think it is? If you need / want better or more pics just tell me what area.
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Fixed so far 12 lcd's , 1 plasmas, 5 monitors, 0 dlp's (plan to keep the dlps at 0). and 3 atx power supplies, and 2 motherboards.

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