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Default Re: Dell poweredge 2600 power supply nps-730ab

The PFC will not run when the PSU is in standby.
So if you do not have standby voltage present it means the IC901 TOP244Y is not switching on.
So check the capacitor connected to that.
Remember an ATX PSU is actually two power supplies in one: the standby and primary supply.
All controlled via different transformers, the only thing they have in common is the bridge rectifier but you have already confirmed that creates 160VDC which is normal with a 115VAC input.

If this is not time critical why not get one of the cheap "transistor testers" on eBay?
(The one that is really a tiny LCR meter for $10 or sometimes even less?).
I would not want to solder back that daughter board that you have taken out without first confirming the caps are ok or replacing them!
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