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Default Re: Major firmware bug found in Hewett Packard Enterprise SSDs!

Originally Posted by RJARRRPCGP View Post
Over at bleepingcomputer .com, IIRC, I saw a report of a major Hewett Packard Enterprise (HPE) whoops! It's a major firmware bug that causes their SSDs to become bricked at 32,768 hours!
The key word here is "enterprise". I.e., likely the folks running them have support contracts (and/or local staff) to catch these things.

Also, they are likely to be servers -- in which case, even 24/7/365 operation puts the problem at the 4 year point -- beyond the normal upgrade cycle (so, the guys who inherit the "used" equipment will take the hit!)

Anything that sees 8 hour/day usage will push that point out beyond a decade.

[Do you think we worried about Y2k in the 70's when we designed software/systems? Do you think folks are actively worrying about Y2038 *now*?? How many of those firms will still be in business, then?]
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