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Originally Posted by eccerr0r View Post
BTW, anyone still have a programmer that will do 1702 EPROMs? 2708s/(TMS2716/TMS2732s)?
TI's 2716 was a 3-supply part; the TMS2516 is what the rest of the world thinks of as a "2716" (ditto 2532).

The 1702 was a PMOS device and used wacky supply voltages -- both in normal use and when programming (Vpp was something like -45V in contrast with 12-25V for later NMOS & CMOS devices). You likely won't find a (modern) "universal" programmer that can support them.

[I have a small stash of white/gold CERDIPs that I use to maintain legacy devices -- one of my first products used 1702s before riding the wave up to higher capacity devices. For the true history buff, I've also got a couple of WAROMs collecting dust ]
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