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Yeah I figure as much, specifically singled out the 1702 (256x8) 2708 (1Kx8) TMS2716 (2kx8) and TMS2732 (4kx8) because they all need a lot of supply voltages to even run normally, something that "modern" programmers simply won't do. It's a wonder some modern programmers even get the 21V or 25V VPP for "normal" eproms.

The tricky thing is that you'd have to also mod the socket to replace with a standard 2716/2732 too... but perhaps just cutting traces or leaving the pin outside is sufficient, it's been ages since I looked at the TMS2716/TMS2732 chip data, bleah ...

(Oh, no... I was looking at my eprom stash and what did I find? Two TI TMS2716-45s and a MOTOROLA TMS2716C ... why did motorola want to second source braindeadness when they had MCM2716's...

At least I have two TMS2532 single supply units, at least during read.)

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