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Default Troubleshoot swtichmode power supply with DC Bench Power

I can't seem to find any reference to this anywhere, but I vaguely remember that you can troubleshoot a SMPS by hooking the inputs up to DC power. The bench power supply provides isolation, and a much lower voltage, so there's much less opportunity to juice yourself.

Does anyone have any experience with this method?

Right now I'm trying to troubleshoot the power supply to an Element 605 LED TV. No signs of life on the TV at all, no power on any of the outputs, even with a 12v auto bulb hooked up to the 5v line. The fuse is fine, zero signs of bad caps, burns, anything, the board looks pristine. The caps are "Chang" and the TV is six years old (2014 manufacture date) so I'm leaning towards bad caps on this one.

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