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Default Re: Dell 2209wa - momentarily blinks every two seconds [ Video + Audio + Service Manu

Tack för the suggestions.

I first decided to treat it as a backlight issue, but after inspecting the tubes I could find nothing really objectionable. After measuring the 24 V going from the power supply to the inverter I concluded the voltage seems to drop in sync with the blinking, with no LCD connected. I'm therefore assuming that the LCD isn't relevant for isolating the problem further.

The challenge for me now is to understand whether the drop in voltage (only measured with a DMM since that's the best I can do) is the cause or the effect of the tubes shutting off. I can't intuit the probability that it would be an effect, so I can't rule it out.

Is there a way to figure out whether it's the cause (I don't have advanced equipment), or is it natural to assume it at this point and just buy caps?
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