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Default Re: Question electrolytic capacitor from 1990`s

Originally Posted by gamer87 View Post
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Older consoles e.g. 70s/80s/90s rarely ever have capacitor problems, original Xbox supercap aside. I'd only recap the TV if the picture is looking like crap already. You're more likely to have an old console stop working properly due to corroded traces, and that's even easier to fix. I have a Tekken 3 arcade PCB (which is basically a PlayStation 1 on steroids) and the caps are still fine - the thing was probably running 24/7/365 for well over a decade before I ended up with it.

The thing about caps dying from disuse really only happened with vintage (read: antique) electronics e.g. paper caps from the 1930s. Of course, crap caps can also fail just by looking at them (and crappy AAA batteries in remotes, cough, Duracell, cough - measures 1.51V but leaking like a sieve), but consoles rarely ever cheap out on caps.

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