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Default Re: New Cheap Chinese Soldering Plates

My hotplate came in and it was only packed in a bag (no padding) so the wires got slashed. Sigh. It's the larger 12x7cm/4.72x2.75 inch one.
The standoffs have magnets in them which is nice, no label on the plate, the bag says 599235.02 400W led ptc BXBA-AX-BT but no voltage spec. anywhere.

The PTC heater is weird, I measure 220Ω cold but plugging it in 120VAC it started drawing over 5A which is 600W and kinda scared me, it blew my 2A fuse. No fuse, readings I got:
0 seconds, 0W, 220Ω, 25C misleading PTC ohmmeter reading
10 seconds, 460W, 31.3Ω
30 seconds, 200W, 72.0Ω, 200C
115 seconds, 108W, 133.3Ω, 225C
125 seconds, 83W, 173.5Ω, 230C

So it settles after about 2 minutes to around 230C. I'll try some M-core LED's soldering/rework later.
I think the challenge is moving something hot off it, to a cool down area.

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