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Default Question about SS-400ET

Hi, guys. I would like your opinions/supports/advices regarding this PSU. I have thrown away the generic 400W PSU which had a problem with the overheating resistor (from the earlier topic).

So, I found an used Seasonic SS-400ET PSU for about 20$ and bought it instead. I am sure you all know its composition (there is one shown here: SS-400ET review and that is an OEM one with not so much good caps used... however, I opened it before installing it, and all the caps looked OK (I think they were OSTs). I was unable to see al the smaller caps to see their ratings. The PSU works great and quiet, and is mounted in a bit old machine (it is my sister's computer with a Socket478 Intel 3.06GHz CPU, GF6200, 1Gb of RAM and a HDD) for really general purpose, no games or heavy loads, so I hope it will do her fine.

The PSU looked pretty clean inside, very little dust. It looks like it hasn't been in use too much (or was in a really clean place), so do you have any "words of wisdom" about what can I expect from it, mostly if it will endure the rather undemanding PC? I mean, it's a Seasonic one after all, so it has to be good or so.

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