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Default Tips on Dell Latitude D630 system board?

Just finished replacing a CCFL in a D610 and am now ready to tackle something trickier. Thanks for all the tips on fixing the screen!

Have a Dell Latitude D630 that was water damaged. I've pulled off all the components and they've all tested OK, so I've got a good screen, keyboard, RAM etc. I'm surprised they are working.

Anyway, the laptop won't power up, and the only fuses I can find are for the USB ports. The only thing interesting is that I can feel a bit of warmth in the battery/charging section which is at the opposite end of the power input. I don't see any obvious evidence of water damage inside, except some of the printing on the PCB seems a little distorted and covered in a thin layer of white stuff near one major chipset IC. The printing looks more like a manufacturing problem, the PCB definitely isn't blistered from something fried. The white stuff I'm not sure whether it's flux or whatnot that wasn't cleaned off, or perhaps residue from whatever was spilled, but I would have expect to see more of that and in more places.

I don't suppose anyone has a schematic for this motherboard?

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