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Default Re: Sony OLED TV 4 red blinking lights

Originally Posted by Diah View Post
well i agree with tom about heating. any overload will cause it. but we need to think there are SOS signal come out from panel self. if we hide it then later we can deal with heat issue. since we don't know which OLED screen serial on this set cant say where are the SOS signal pins but its almost the last 3 pins of the last ribbon. left side or right side, easy to try hide them one side by other with thin tape from T_CON driver side and check what will going on.. this will never harm the set at all.
I have an XBR65A8G with the dreaded 4 blinking red lights. No picture. I can bypass the 4 blinking red lights and get the OS and audio to work by taping pin 19 of 51 from the main board to the t-con (near 'Error Detection' label) or taping the far right pin from the panel to the t-con board. I was also able to update the firmware by using a second panel for navigation. Still no picture. At times when the panel powers on, there will be horizontal red, blue or white lines across the screen or parts of the screen, but they're only there for a few quick seconds.

I've also replaced the t-con board with no success. I can trigger a t-con error, 5 red blinks, by removing the flex cables from the main board to the t-con board. I assume if there is a real t-con error, I the circuit would trigger 5 red blinks before triggering 4 red blinks. Given that the real error is 4 red blinks, I think there's a short in the panel board.

Have you ever taken apart the panel to see if there are any circuits to repair? There are a few accessible capacitors on the panel next to the flex cables but I see no way to explore further without destroying the panel or cutting into it with a rotary tool.

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