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Default Re: 470 'uf' 35V CapXon, Selecting the right cap.

Diving deeper into Mouser and choosing a cap for my replacements,

it seems that Nichicon will be the brand I go with for these smaller caps. I am having some concerns as to which cap is better suited to the application.

4.7uF/50v either PS or PW series, only difference I see is higher reliabilty, except that on Mouser... they are cheaper which makes me curious, is the more expensive one better or the higher reliability. a difference of 6 cents between the 2 make me cautious.


10uF/50v same options PS or PW

33uF/35v options are PW or HE or PV

100uF/25v options are HD or PM

anyone care to offer up a choice of the options I have left on what series to choose from? I am a noob and have no idea what I am really looking at besides choosing specs of a cap from what I know of the old cap. I did a search before on choosing a cap but never refined my search to a few options left and searched those specific series. But I hope anyone else looking for help and experience from others like I have, can come here and learn as well.

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