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Default Motorcycle flasher mystery.

usually get help on here for computers and monitors etc but I thought you guys are the best I can think off to help me solve a real mystery.
I have a Honda NT650V bike and recently fitted a towbar to tug a little trailer sometimes.
Everything was good until I connected up the trailer socket.
The problem is whenever I use the direction indicators/flashers it causes a misfire as soon as I cancel the flashers the misfire stops. The bike without the trailer lights attached is fine.
.So far Ive tried the following:
1) I replaced the battery for a higher A/h original was only 9AH which is known to be marginal for this bike but now its 14 ah.
2) Tried changing the flasher unit for another heavier duty type.
3) mas only one earth from battery to engine so I added another from battery to frame as well.
When wiring the trailer socket I just took the connection from the rear lights on the bike as ive done before and all connections were soldered (not crimped or scotch-locked into)
Turning off all other items like headlamp etc has no effect. Battery voltage doesn't drop when all indicators are used.
I was wondering if maybe the extra load on the flashers are spiking the circuit somehow affecting the bike CDI ignition.
I had a idea that maybe if I were to put a diode in cicuit for each of the trailers indiators it might cure it but wouldnt know which kind of diode would be best.
The bike on its own has 4x indicators (2 each side) 12v 21w bulbs & a little 4w warning light. The trailer has 2x 12V 21W bulbs.
You guys are great and helped a lot in the past and I am sure you will know how to solve this.
Here is a schematic..
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