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Default Re: DELL U2311Hb (E162032 Vol 3) Goes Black After 2 Seconds

Check the voltages on the plug to the main board and see if they remain when the moniitor blanks out. I would suspect one of the ccfl's has an issue, either bad/broken ccfl or broken ccfl lead.

You may have a bad ccfl in the panel, there are 4 ccfl's, 1,2,3,4 so unplug 2,3,4 and see if you get a flash of backlight from ccfl #1 (this may be fairly dim) If you do see a flash of the backlight, unplug 1,3,4 and try again with #2, trying each ccfl by itself should confirm they are working or not. In some cases the wire on the ccfl breaks and that is all that is wrong.

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