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Default Re: Windows XP EoL Security Rollup...or similar?

Originally Posted by momaka View Post
Yes, it's slow to browse modern web on a P4 machine today. At least mine (still main PC) is somewhat newer P4 with Prescott HT CPU (that good ol' Optiplex 170L.)
You cant even open a modern page using WindowsXP. Half of the things don't work.
Windows10 is the problem. I use Windows7 with the classic gray theme.
Oh, dear, get something newer. At least dual core Core2Duo.
XP is so ancient now, that most of the newer software will not run on it.
Not that my laptop is that great, but it's at least an i5 with 4 gigs of ram.
The sad thing is that today the web pages themselves had become a benchmark. With all this bloatware.
Windows10 is another story. I had many machines at work with Windows10. Most of them are running Windows7 now.
Windows10 is notorious for it's "bugs" with CPU spiking "Software protection = 50% constant cpu usage"
At one moment, the PC just slows down with high cpu usage and you cant fix it, no matter what you disable.
I will stay with Windows7, even if it's EOL, until they fix this. I cant tolerate constant slowdowns.
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