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Default Re: Windows XP EoL Security Rollup...or similar?

Originally Posted by televizora View Post
You cant even open a modern page using WindowsXP. Half of the things don't work.
You can... with the latest/last Firefox ESR (52.9, if I'm not mistaken.) But since that is also rather outdated now, there are indeed a few web pages that don't work correctly. For the most part, though, most websites do still work OK with FF ESR 52.x... maybe not as smooth as modern FF Quantum engine, of course.

That said, the major letdown of using FF ESR (due to Mozilla intentionally blocking FF Quantum engine from installing on XP - bastards!) is that FF ESR (and all pre-Quantum FF really) are not optimized for multi-core CPU, and therefore still perform very sluggishly. The best option is to get a fast dual-core CPU and OC it even more to get higher core speeds, so that way FF ESR runs faster. Of course, P4 architecture, even with its fast clock, is not very efficient, so it's not very good. However, between a very fast Core 2 Duo (like 3 GHz or more) and a much newer CPU, there won't be too much of a difference in performance.

Originally Posted by televizora View Post
I use Windows7 with the classic gray theme.
This applies to both my XP and 7 systems. I also turn off taskbar grouping and many of the other visual [d]effects. IMO, Windows classic is the best and most user-friendly theme that has ever come out in Windows, and I refuse to replace it with anything else.

Originally Posted by televizora View Post
Oh, dear, get something newer. At least dual core Core2Duo.
Oh, I have plenty of newer systems - high-end Core 2 Duo's, Core 2 Quads, Athlon II X4, an i5, and even a dual Xeon octa-core system as of last spring. But the better systems I use for gaming. For everyday use, an Athlon X2 5200+ does the job pretty well and is likely what I will be using (or something along those lines) for my next main PC.

Originally Posted by televizora View Post
The sad thing is that today the web pages themselves had become a benchmark. With all this bloatware.
However, aside from Youtube, BCN, email, and a few other select websites, I rarely do much browsing outside of those. So most of the websites I visit don't have a whole lot of bloat (except for YT.) Heck, BCN still runs great on just about anything. If only the rest of the internet was like this place.

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