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Default Re: Tefal GV8962 Pro Express steam iron - no power

Originally Posted by budm View Post
I am talking about the two IC's that you found the spec sheet to get the VVC pins, check the resistance of those VCC pins.
BTW, since you cannot do SMD repair so it is a moot point to keep trying to fix the board.
The resistance of those 2 ICs are both 20.8 ohm. After removed C7, same reading.

Yes, indeed it will be purely academic from now on. And if there is any further fault finding worthwhile, it can only be done with SMD removal, and not restoring as I am not equipped and not capable.

At this juncture, I want to thank you both, BUDM and CapLeaker, for spending time coaching me. It's been a pleasure learning under your coaching.

Thank you very much.
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