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Default Re: Tefal GV8962 Pro Express steam iron - no power

Originally Posted by beetle1303 View Post
I have already removed C7 and the resistance remains unchanged at 20.8Vdc. I have also attempted to trace and measure all the caps an resistors leading to the Vcc of the 2 ICs. Not surprisingly, I do not know what I was doing... But I feel the resistance pretty much measured 20.8Vdc in most places along the trace.

I reckon that this would not go very far to determining what else is faulty beside the now apparent U2 being blown opened. But suffice to say replacing the R1 with a 5W 100 ohm was a MAJOR MISTAKE!! Nonetheless, it has been very educational, and I want to thank you (and CapLeaker) once again for patiently guiding me alone this learning journey.

Thank you.
At least you gin the knowledge. One of the weak point of Buck converter is that when the pass device (I.E. MOSFET) shorted out, the input Voltage will be dumped into the load and can cause lots of damaged, they should at least put crowbar and a fuse on the output.
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