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Default Re: melted laptop screen? err... what happened?

Originally Posted by ChaosLegionnaire View Post
i recently took my mom's old laptop out of storage and this happened to the screen. please refer to the attached pictures. any idea what happened? the screen seemed to have crumbled into tiny pieces of white plastic. did the high humidity do this to the screen? can moist air cause lcd plastics to degrade?
I would think probably think heat rather than humidity. Where was it stored? If it was some place like a garage, shed, attic, or commercial storage unit (the corrugated metal rental ones) it can absolutely get hot enough in the summer to cause plastic to deteriorate or even melt depending on what type of plastic it is. The same can apply if it is stored inside a building near a radiator/baseboard heater/furnace, etc.

Originally Posted by ChaosLegionnaire View Post
oh boy... not sure how i'm going to sell the laptop now... a pentium-m laptop prolly isnt worth anything these days...
Not sure what the market is like in Singapore on these but in the US that would probably be worth less than $30 (in working condition, and only worth scrap with a bad screen).
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