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Default Re: melted laptop screen? err... what happened?

Hard to tell because of the flash, but it looks to me like the anti-glare coating/layer may have started to come off. If that's the case, just remove the anti-glare coating entirely from the LCD. It will probably turn the screen into a glossy one, though.

And worse, some LCDs have the anti-glare coating/layer also fused with the polarizing screen - in which case, the screen will appear all white after the removal of this layer. But fear not! - The screen should still be visible with sun glasses (and some movie theater glasses too). Some people actually do this on purpose to create a "private screen" - a good idea if you want to watch pr0n at a public place and not have anyone else notice (or not anyone without sunglasses anyways).

By the way, what screen size is this? I have a non-working Dell Latitude D600 with supposedly a good screen and bad mobo. Maybe we can piece something together.

Pentium M is indeed quite slow and outdated these days, but with 1 GB of RAM and XP, it may still do some very VERY basic web browsing, or used as a word-typing PC. So not 100% useless. That, and the fact that this laptop likely has a serial port may make it useful for some folks who do hardware/firmware flashing.

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