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Default Re: Honda CX500 Motorcycle CDI ignition unit

Originally Posted by Th3_uN1Qu3 View Post
It's definitely worth a try before you get into the heavy painkillers. Me, I have a unique nervous system that does not respond to codeine or morphine - they get me high but it still hurts. Maybe it's for the better, but that gives a unique set of problems where I have to seek the exact medication that will numb the pain at its source, and let me tell you it wasn't easy.
I too have difficult circumstances having multiple sclerosis as its my entire nervous system thats been damaged. A great deal of the pain is from my nerves making things feel like they are aching or stinging like my hands and feet are. Then there is the muscle spasms in legs and arms and pretty much any muscle anywhere can start going into spasm. Some times I even get my jaw getting huge cramp which hurts. They have tried everything on me drug and painkiller wise and things like morphine don't work because its nerve pain. Tramadols are the only things that work for me but they are rationing me to a amount that count last me long enough.
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