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Default Re: Windows XP EoL Security Rollup...or similar?

Originally Posted by Topcat View Post
On something this slow, I can't even imagine trying to view modern bloatware sites, but I digress.

Yes, it's slow to browse modern web on a P4 machine today. At least mine (still main PC) is somewhat newer P4 with Prescott HT CPU (that good ol' Optiplex 170L.)

Anyways, all I can say is... forget about the security rollup. Just make sure his machine is running behind a router that has at least some kind of built-in firewall and doesn't expose the machine's ports to the internet openly. With that and a good hosts file, he shouldn't really have issues, unless he visits tainted websites on a regular basis. But if that's the case, no security update will help that one.

I already have plans to get a newer "main PC" for this year... but likely will still try to stick to XP. There's some crap about Vista and 7 that annoy me to no end when it comes to organizing/sorting files, and I just can't get over it. Otherwise, I've finally warmed up to 7 pretty well now (about time, lol. )

Originally Posted by sofTest View Post
Well, there are 'unofficial' rollups. Goggle 'Windows XP SP4'. There also are complete installs with all updates slipstreamed into them. One of them are called Windows XP Professional SP3 x86 - Integral Edition.

Have not used them, and don't know if they can be trusted.
Yeah, I wouldn't trust them.

Genuine XP copy + official SP3 is the way to go.

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