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Default Issues with Lexmark driver lead to total inability to print

Up to this moment I never had a problem with Lexmark printer drivers.
A few days ago I needed to install drivers for MS415 on several computers.
Downloaded from the official Lexmark site
I tried to install them via the installer, using the inf and etc.
On Windows7 they totally bug out.
On WindowsXP the install of the driver leads to total inability to print, after the install fails with Operation cannot be completed not only this printer would not work, but if you select properties of any other already installed printer it says something like "Driver cannot be found".
After this deleting registry keys and driver files from System32 is required to get any printer to work at all.
With Windows7 it the install either fails or it shows 2 printers, one of which show status = not working properly and the other just will not print.
Never had such issues with Lexmark printer drivers before. Installing a network printer on multiple computers could totally brick the printing function, not only this printer wont install, but printing using any already installed printer will not work too.
Is there anyone here that had such an issue and is there anyone that could copy original Lexmark MS415 driver disk?
It is interesting that MS/MX310 and MS/MX510 install without any problems.
It's a problem that I encountered just with MS/MX4xx series, more specifically MS415.
It is one thing to be unable to install the driver, but it's completely different when trying to install it can completely brick Windows printing.
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