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Default Re: Panasonic FC series - leaking? quality gone?

Rubycon YXF is another excellent series which has proven itself worthy in terms of long-term reliability, although itís an ethylene glycol based series IIRC but with a very good endurance rating.

I was wondering if a disclaimer should be added at the end of this post and this post which warns about Panasonic FCís problem? Itís still on the ďgood listingĒ as of now. Iím also curious if the series it replaced, Panasonic FA, another non-aqueous series with identical ripple current and ESR ratings but slightly different and larger cases sizes, discontinued twenty years ago, has this problem as well (Iíd hazard a guess that it does). Itís probably not as pressing seeing as how it was discontinued so long ago. But it would be a pity if Panasonic was still manufacturing problematic caps to this day.
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