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Default Re: Identifying reason for board's similar caps, but different physical sizes

Originally Posted by Masejoer View Post
Just need to see if I can use the Nichicon 1000uF 25V VZ or Nichicon 1500uF 16V HN caps that I have here for them all, or if I need to be more selective for the 12V section.
That PSU converter board appears to use buck VRM circuits, so I suggest going with low ESR caps.

Thus, I suggest to use the Nichicon HN 16V 1500 uF caps, provided they weren't manufactured between 2001 and 2004 (they will have a date code that reads similar to "Hxxyy", where xx indicates the year, and yy the week or production - so for example, H0531 means made in the 31st week of 2005).

As for the VZ, those are general purpose 105C caps and so may not last too long on that buck converter circuit too long.
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