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Default Re: best cheap/free scores 1.1

My cheap score for today was...well a MSI 845E MAX.

Got it for cheap - $1.27 (5 RON). It was in a really rough condition - dust in enough quantity to plant a flower in there,missing NB heatsink (I was lucky I had one of those sticky PCChips heatsinks) and bulging KZGs. So yeah,I could tell from far away this thing had a rough life. Oh,and the VRM heatsinks it was supposed to have? Ripped out. Thanks god the VRMs were fine.

Interesting enough,the motherboard does actually work. I recapped it with some OST RLX caps (whcih aren't something new,you can find them on ECS/PCChips boards all the time),dropped a 2.4GHz Northwood,and it POST'd. Added the missing CMOS battery,and it's working fine now. I'll have to find a clamped heatsink though,as that PCChips heatsink is so cheap (what did PCChips ever do that is in any way quality????)I fear it might fall off and short my stuff out.
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