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Default Re: Improving CRT geometry by upgrading capacitors

Originally Posted by clearchris View Post
So what's the use case for keeping a CRT running? I'm sure anyone who hangs here can find a broken LCD and make it work.
Because the quality of the picture, its contrast, the blacks, the colours and the sharpness beats hands down the quality of any LCD I've encountered so far.

Obtaining a perfect geometry is howewer almost impossible.
You have to either:
1) Restrict the picture horizontally, obtaining an almost acceptable geometry, leaving black borders on both left and right.
2) Enlarge the picture, which exposes unlinearities on the edges of the tube, but no black borders.

So, you have to accept a compromise.

Apart from that, picture is outstanding and even movements on both movies and games have perfect responsiveness already at 85Hz.

Are you running old school nintendo and want to play "duck hunt" with the orignal zapper?
No, this is a PC CRT with Triniton tube. On CRT TVs coming with an acceptable geometry is much easier.

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