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Default Re: Improving CRT geometry by upgrading capacitors

Originally Posted by Logistics View Post
But what strategy would I need to get video out of something with DVI or HDMI to an analog monitor?
That depends on your video card.
Analog output is no longer built into current-gen video cards anymore. In fact, the last (and best) nVidia video card to have analog output (through DVI-I) is the GTX 980 Ti. And for AMD, it was the R7/R9 series, I believe... though I can tell you for a fact that not all 290's come with DVI-I (like on my ASUS DCuII, where the designers simply chose not to have a DVI-I connector, despite the card GPU chip actually having a RAMDAC.)

Thus if you want analog output from a video card without having to use an _active_ adapter/converter, then you will need either a GTX 900-series or older video card or Radeon R7/R9 series or older. Anything newer doesn't have a RAMDAC and hence no analog output.

Originally Posted by Logistics View Post
...and another Hitachi ir similar with the R, G, B, H, V BNC connector cable.
You can still get BCN-VGA [D-SUB] cables on sites that sell used stuff, like eBay. In fact, I got one last year, since I have one at my uncle's house, but not one at my house, where I still have and use old CRT monitors. For $8 shipped, I got a genuine good quality used BNC-VGA cable. Beware of the cheap stuff from China. I suspect they may have cheaper shielding, which could cause ghosting or poor image at high resolutions. Or maybe they are fine, I don't know, I haven't tested them. But I am always weary of cheap stuff from China.

Originally Posted by Logistics View Post
Maybe I should bust these out and try some modern games on them.
Honestly, I don't think you would be disappointed.
You may not be able to run the games at such high resolutions. But then again, I don't really recommend going for the highest resolution anyways. Rather, try to balance things between resolution and refresh rate. For the latter, 75 Hz minimum and 85 Hz preferable. If your rig can run the games well in excess of 85 Hz, you can even try V-sync for extra smooth experience. In general, it's almost impossible to see image tearing on a CRT. But with V-sync on, the image will look even smoother. Or you can jump up to 100 or 120 Hz for super-smooth gameplay.
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