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Default Re: OK SA-1000 Soldering Station

Originally Posted by ibgm View Post
found a brand new replacement "OK" iron from a great e-bayer for $18 delivered!! My station lives again!!
Nice! Good to hear you have your station back.

As for the old iron handle, I do have a few suggestions, if you want to fix the old one as a "backup".
For starters, see if the plastic on the cracked nut reacts to PVC glue (the type used for gluing sewer / wastewater pipes) or ABS glue. If you apply a small dab to the surface, wait approximately a minute and then smudge it around and see the plastic becoming melted / dissolved into the glue, then break the nut and re-glue with PVC/ABS glue back together. Depending on the plastic (typically ABS, PVC, PS, and sometimes PC), it may bond back together just as strong as it was originally.
But if the above doesn't work, you can try applying rubber cement / contact cement glue around the whole ring, and then wrap with a layer or two of some hard material (or several layers of paper and contact cement might do too.) Contact cement glue is flexible (looks like orange/brown bubble gum when dry) and can't hold two objects together in a rigid manner over a small surface area. But when backed up with another material for strength and rigidity, it can. And the good thing about contact cement is that it has overall good resistance to temperature.
There are probably other ways to "McGyver" this too, of course.
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