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Default Re: Cyberpower CP900EPFCLCD - F03 Error

Originally Posted by Shinjinkun View Post
Ohh, I heard about the light bulb thing before, but I am not sure how to do it.
So, if I understand correctly, I will need a lamp holder (or bulb socket, not sure the correct name) with two cables. Where should I connect these two cables? To the same positions the broken fuse are connected? Or somewhere else?
Yes exactly, just connect it where the fuse was before.

Originally Posted by Shinjinkun View Post
Regarding the replacement fuse, I understand that it must be a 250V 2A one, fuse with leads through holes, but I have seen different kinds of fuses and I am not sure which one to pick. Would you mind sharing a link to buy them here in Europe, let's say Amazon, Aliexpress or Ebay? Or at least telling me the keywords I should look for?
Cut away the heatshrink tubing from the old fuse and read what it says on the ends: there are fast and slow fuses and it is important to pick the right type...

Originally Posted by Shinjinkun View Post
Finally, it is probably that other components in the chain are also affected before arriving the Viper22a. Is it possible to test these components individually without having to connect the whole system? Or at least, a way to isolate parts of the circuit to avoid blowing anything else?

Thanks again for all your help.
Yes some parts can be tested, like diode check the bridge rectifier for example.
I would also check the 550ohm resistor and optocoupler U3, this can be done with diode check too.
As for the rest as long as you use the lamp as a current limiter there is not that much that can go wrong...
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