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Default Re: Cyberpower CP900EPFCLCD - F03 Error

Originally Posted by Per Hansson View Post
Yes exactly, just connect it where the fuse was before.
Perfect. I will get a lamp holder tomorrow. I remember I have one in the garage.

Originally Posted by Per Hansson View Post
Cut away the heatshrink tubing from the old fuse and read what it says on the ends: there are fast and slow fuses and it is important to pick the right type...
Alrighty. I hope the fuse has some print on it. Otherwise, is going to be difficult to pick the fuse.

Originally Posted by Per Hansson View Post
Yes some parts can be tested, like diode check the bridge rectifier for example.
I would also check the 550ohm resistor and optocoupler U3, this can be done with diode check too.
As for the rest as long as you use the lamp as a current limiter there is not that much that can go wrong...
The bridge rectifier is the BD1 component (BD107G), right? I measured it, without removing from motherboard, with the negative in the AC inputs, and was getting 0.595V in diode mode. The same putting the negative in the positive DC, so I am not sure if this means it works.
However, the U3 component doesn't give me any readings. I didn't remove it from the board either.
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