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Default Re: EcoSmart 5csbr650stq1d03 LED light

Originally Posted by ruky con View Post
I think the best philips ALTO lamps are the F15T8 lamps which also happen to be the only lamp in the ALTO series of lamps to be manufactured outside the U.S. (IIRC the lamps are (or were) made in Holland)
I know that it has the highest CRI ratings of the Alto lineup!
At least the "natural" ones. They appear to be made in Poland now...

While OTOH, looks like all post-2015 T5s are made in PRC! Shit!
They're the only ones in the Alto family known to be made in PRC!

I hopefully still have the Hollandaise F15T8 sitting around somewhere...

The last time I was at the Claremont, NH Home Depot, all the packages of the 48-inch T8s and T12s that I saw, still reported being made in U.S.A.

But, by coincidence, I saw this when randomly browsing, which was from the horse's mouth! That one of the rules for an apartment of OSU, (OSU probably is the owner) bans incandescents like they're alcohol! I would watch out for OSU, if anyone here plans to go to that university!
They appear to scream leftist, at least look as leftist as California, if not one of those worst-of-the-worst kind! And that's in a very red state! Apparently, they also act like Oklahoma never gets rain. They're also a major prohibition on hooking up hoses. Would sound too familiar to folks in California...
I would be quaking, even just to bring my own efficient light bulbs with me, if I hypothetically went there! I fear that they may think like a fucking liquor control commission, tell folks that they can get light bulbs distributed by them only, and then confiscate them like they're knives, if not prison-style, even if they're LEDs!
But, I dunno... But, if that's true, then OSU is one of those worst-of-the-worst kind!

The T12s (a.k.a. "fatties") still aren't banned in U.S.A., AFAIK...
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