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Default Re: Panasonic FC series - leaking? quality gone?

Originally Posted by wester547 View Post
i was wondering if a disclaimer should be added at the end of this post and this post which warns about panasonic fc’s problem? It’s still on the “good listing” as of now.
Well, you have Nichicon HM & HN on that list without a warning too, I added it now.
And we all know (well some know) that Rubycon MCZ and even MBZ can have troubles with heat.
Point is the "troubles" is still 100x times less than some other problematic brands.
So where do we draw the line? I would certainly like to see more documented failures than this to rule them as bad.
Hell, even UCC KZG and Nichicon HM is only affected for a certain date range, maybe same here?
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