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Default Re: Panasonic FC series - leaking? quality gone?

Sorry, it was just a suggestion, wasn’t trying to dictate the general consensus. Rubycon MCZ and MFZ have issues pertaining to heat failures but they are not known to fail just sitting unused. MBZ are fine as long as you don’t abuse them. Panasonic FC aren’t “bad” in the sense that they are completely crap (“doomed to failure”) a la Sacon FZ but the fact that we have multiple members reporting them repeatedly leaking in cool environments after a decade, and now leaking unused, is worrisome (I don’t think datecode is a factor). This is similar to the quaternary ammonium salt capacitor plague of the late 80s / early 90s. They were known to cause various problems in ECUs and what not. They were not failing just because they were overstressed, as the bungs were deteriorating faster than conventional electrolytics.

But I guess you have a point - Sanyo WG and WX aren’t on the “bad” list but I (and momaka) have seen one or another bulge and leak just sitting in storage with respect to early batches, just like failure prone batches of KZG/KZJ/HM/HN/HZ and crap brands. Would I personally label early batches of WG and WX “troublesome” because of this? Yes, but I suppose you’re right, it’s a matter of opinion and not an objective topic. Samxon for an example is generally considered a good brand here although some have had issues with that one brand (and not just with the GF and GK series either).

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