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Default Re: Identify PS4 HDMI SMD

Originally Posted by ngth82 View Post
Likely just a pull up resistor.

Did you by any chance check the resistance of that location when you grabbed it from a BLOD system?
A video game shop owner brought me a botched PS4 that someone tried to replace the HDMI port with the resistors out of placement from too much heat and a missing zener diode.

The two light blue/gray resistors on a CUH-1115A have the following attributes:

2k ohms
1 x 0.5mm or 0402 (1005 metric)
Height: 0.35mm
Power: either 1/16W or 1/10W, higher probably better

I've replaced several zener diodes with P/N VDZT2R5.6B on PS4s, and they've always worked. They're close to the port on the CUH-1215A model, and sometimes customers push the ports inward knocking off the diode. Saw two diodes blow along with an HDMI encoder IC once.
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