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Default Universal LGA775 VID mod question.

I've been studying the VRD11 Voltage tables for the Core 2 Duo family of CPUs on LGA775. I found a number of settings that involve all VID pins=0 but one.
This could be done playing around with tinfoil to pull them all low, and then tape the desired pin HI to get the desired Voltage range. I call it a range because I intend to adjust it lower as needed with Throttlestop under clocking software.
the advantage of pulling all VID LO would be that you don't need to know the original Voltage of the CPU. Just do the mod and run it.
It has occurred to me that since they will all be the same (the pull down part) maybe a solder mask would be the way to do this instead of playing around with tinfoil and glue.
I'm a retired truck mechanic and have almost no hands on electronic experience. So let me know what you think, and some idea how to go about this, materials techniques whatever.
The unlocked Voltage would allow BSEL tape mods on any CPU, and on locked BIOS motherboards.

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