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Default Re: Amstrad DVD Player cheap recap

Originally Posted by goodpsusearch View Post
Replaced it with Capxon KM 3300uF 16V that was removed from a Jou Jye psu.
Do you think the low temperature and low stress of this application will save a cap with so bad reputation?
Maybe, maybe not.
PSU appears to use discontinuous (flyback) topology and is always On, so long as it's plugged in. Thus, it will just depend on how much ripple current that flyback SMPS puts out for the filter caps. If not much, I suspect the CapXon KM you put should last. Also, CapXon KM tend to be hit-or-miss in my experience - sometimes they last a very very long time and don't seem to go bad, while other times they go bad quite quickly. In any case, this is much better than their KF or GF series, which tend to go bad with or without use (unstable electrolyte.) KM has fairly stable electrolyte and won't go bad in low-stress applications usually (like in audio gear that doesn't run hot/warm.)
So I'm crossing my fingers for you/it that it lasts.

Originally Posted by goodpsusearch
Well I already placed an ad to give it away for free, so I didn't want to spend more time/money on it. I have several DVD players like it and no one is interested any more on that kind of technology.

Especially the ones without working remote and/or the ones without USB port / mpeg4 support no one wants them
That's really nice that you're fixing these electronics and giving them up for free!
Here, they are also pretty much worth nothing and no one seems to want them, even with the remote sometimes.
What I don't understand is why thrift stores here still want at least $10 for them. Literally almost every thrift store I go to in my area has piles and piles of this stuff and they're not dropping their price lower to get them moving out the door.
On a side note, the thrift stores in my area are absolutely terrible - often have over-priced crap (sometimes more than prices you find online that include shipping to your house) and not always working either. It's very rare that I'll find something worthwhile. The only thing I do like them for is that I can still find regular old incandescent bulbs >40 Watts there for 50 cents, typically.

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