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Default Re: Amstrad DVD Player cheap recap

Originally Posted by momaka View Post
On a side note, the thrift stores in my area are absolutely terrible - often have over-priced crap (sometimes more than prices you find online that include shipping to your house) and not always working either. It's very rare that I'll find something worthwhile. The only thing I do like them for is that I can still find regular old incandescent bulbs >40 Watts there for 50 cents, typically.
Maybe OT, but it's because most "thrift" stores aren't, per se..

LOL at still finding bulbs!

Originally Posted by goodpsusearch View Post
Well I already placed an ad to give it away for free, so I didn't want to spend more time/money on it. I have several DVD players like it and no one is interested any more on that kind of technology.

Especially the ones without working remote and/or the ones without USB port / mpeg4 support no one wants them
Eventually, you may find demand picks up.
After enough "organized shortages," maybe people will pay you/make it worth your effort/time?
Give it til summer, anyway.

But try not to destroy anything out of disgust/lack of interest.
Been there myself- so you don't have to.

Edit: Those "clone" DVD players typically have a main +5V supply, and both +/- 12V.
Yours also looks like this.
The big diode for +5; and two small diodes for +/-12.
The one with the cathode towards the transformer is for -12...
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Originally Posted by shango066
All style and no substance.
Originally Posted by smashstuff30
guilty of being cheap-made!

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