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Default Re: Universal LGA775 VID mod question.

As far as power for the CPU goes some of the Dell boards are surprisingly good.
The T3400 workstation/ XPS 420 can run the 130W QX9650 beyond 4Ghz. How far???? 400fsb also.
My Optiplex 380 which was sold with 65W 2 cores and 4GB RAM ran a 120W Xeon X5470 with no problems. 8GB DDR3 too. But most of the Optiplexes have an artificial 95W CPU limit that the chipset does enforce at startup. But an overclocked 65W 2 core can fit within that envelope anyway. Dell doesn't put any cooling on the VRM. It can be added to extend the
capacity. The Optiplex XE (Extreme Environment) has a 4 phase VRM that's designed for high temperature 24/7 running.I haven't tested one yet. The DT sized case will make the CPU cooling a challenge.

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