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Default Re: Amstrad DVD Player cheap recap

Originally Posted by goodpsusearch View Post
The only exception is when someone gives away something on a forum for example and a number of people say they are interested in getting it and some of them even need it and in the end it goes into the hands of someone that puts it for sale right after. This bothers me, but there is no easy way to tell who is honest and who is not.
Yeah, unfortunately that's how some people are. :\

Originally Posted by goodpsusearch View Post
Btw I have quite a collection of CRT computer monitors and CRT TVs, maybe I should consider donating some of them.
Well, you know my stance on CRT monitors. But if you don't have any use of them, then I can see why you want to get rid of them. However, I do suggest you still keep one or two, just in case you do change your mind in the future.
I still use mine for gaming and watching videos (the CRT monitors, at least.) I just can't get over the blurry images of an LCD, especially light<-->dark scenes or fast motion.

Originally Posted by goodpsusearch View Post
And what is considered valuable or junk changes from time to time. People here were so desperate to get rid of CRT Tvs they almost paid people to take them. Now everyone wants these for retro computing/gaming.
Wow, that "wave" caught on where you live too? Interesting.
Here, there's also been interest back in CRT TVs and monitors... though there's still an over-abundance of CRT TVs (at least where I live), so I can still find a large CRT TV for free very easily (and almost weekly on local classifieds.) CRT monitors are absolutely gone, though. Seems like everyone was in a hurry to get rid of them when LCD came out. I did legit actually have a few people thank me and ask if they should pay me for picking up their CRTs. LOL! Now I wonder if they are regretting it?
On that front, as much as I've been hoarding "stuff" / electronics, I can say at least every CRT monitor that I've picked up has been used on my desk for a few years at some point... and I still rotate them around. Some even developed a few small issues now and are awaiting on my "to fix" list. So they weren't just collected to sit somewhere in a corner/storage forever. I'm still clocking daily use on my SyncMaster 955df that I picked up 12 years ago. The Sony E540 is currently "resting"... even though I normally use it in the winter as my "daily driver". But this year has been an exception, I suppose. And another Dell 19" I picked up about 8 years ago is also my weekly gaming monitor. Actually, the GDM-FW900 hasn't seen much use - but that's only because I didn't have a powerful enough GPU to game on it until 2-3 years ago. I also dislike its over-brightness issues at startup. Too involved to fix, so I haven't bothered yet. Thus it has mostly sat around... which is OK - I keep seeing asking prices go up for these online.

Originally Posted by goodpsusearch View Post
VHS units sell in less than 48 hours now. And don't get me started about audio cassette comeback
Interesting again.
We haven't hit that "wave" here (yet?) - not with VHS, at least. People are still trying to give them away for free most of the time or just very cheap.
Audio cassettes have been so-so. The high-end stuff has been selling overall OK online. But broken stuff or stuff that needs work does seem to sit for a while. I still have most of my cassette collection from the 90's and occasionally do play a tape or two in the garage with that Sony boombox I fixed. Beats local radio here any day!

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