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Default Re: Replacement Chemicon SMG caps

Originally Posted by PeteS in CA View Post
SMG is UCC/NCC's general purpose series, not low quality. And it looks to me like they are being used appropriately.

That said, just about any of the good brands' non-aqueous low impedance series should do well:

UCC/NCC LXZ series

Panasonic FC series (is FR the newer non-aqueous low impedance series?)

Nichicon PW or PA series

Rubycon YXF

These brands' long-life aqueous series are all excellent, but aqueous parts tolerate ambient heat a little less well, and these series' lower impedance is of no special benefit.

So go with best price and availability of the series listed above, IMO.
FR is an aqueous series AFAIK, similar specs to HE. All very good caps. Since this amp used SMG, I would preferably stick with the same class of caps, but using higher temperature variants. KMG, NHG and VZ would be most appropriate choices for the intended design.

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