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Default Re: 4700uF 6.3v and 3300uF 16v in a 10mm Diameter

Originally Posted by Topcat View Post
I also never knew there was a KMG 3300uF 16v 10mm X 40mm that wasn't a special order. I love learning things!!
Interesting, I also didn't know that KMG series have a 16V, 3300 uF in 10 mm dia. cap. Then again, I also tend to ignore them quite often on Digikey and Mouser, simply because they are GP series (hence, technically not good enough for PSU.) On the other hand, since you'll be replacing Fuhjyyus that aren't really that much better rated than GP caps, this probably might not matter much.

Originally Posted by kaboom View Post
Wouldn't surprise me if the stupidpowers' "4700uf" on the sleeve were one or two standard values lower.
It's possible.

But I find Fuhjyyu caps tend to be accurate about the capacitance on their label... when they are not failed, of course.
And in that regard, it seems that Fuhjyyu just uses crap quality materials, which makes their caps very unreliable (unable to withstand heat stress and also breaking down in use over time.) However, of the many many F-u caps that failed, a select few do seem to survive... and IME, or at least from what I have in my salvage bin, those have been OK, surprisingly - even after using them for many years in various temp recap projects. Unlike Teapo SEK and SC series, at least these don't bloat by themselves when sitting on the shelf. With Teapo, I always have to reform them and check them on the cap meter... and even then that guarantees nothing. Then there's CapXon and Ltec I don't trust those even for a temp recap. Non-stressful breadboard projects is as far as I take them.

By the way, anyone remember the 1650 uF -rated Fuhjyyu?
Maybe I should list it on eBay as "vintage rare special cap with warm musical sound"

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