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Default Re: 4700uF 6.3v and 3300uF 16v in a 10mm Diameter

Originally Posted by pc7fan View Post
SMG is a fine choice, but remember that estimated lifetime doubles each 10 degrees Celcius less. KMG then should technically have double the lifetime than SMG at 4000 hours at 85C, if other factors are the same. KMG is the high-temperature variant of SMG.
I disagree with this characterization. I think SMG uses better materials than KMG. I believe they do better in the long term (at standard temperatures that is).

The reason for my logic is that SMG has a higher ripple rating per given size. For example, for 12.5 x 20, KMG is rated at 920mA and SMG is rated at 1295mA.

I think as a whole KMG is better than Nichicon VR or VZ (decent series but with a finite lifetime), but still not as reliable as SMG. When I'm looking for caps to replace old 1970s BEG (butyl ethylene glycol) capacitors in equipment, I go to SMG. I think SMG could perform well for many decades, while I wouldn't trust KMG for more than 10 years.
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