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Default Re: Tefal GV8962 Pro Express steam iron - no power

Originally Posted by budm View Post
As shown in your picture: Pin 1 (Right pin) of U2 is connected to C7, Pin 3 (Left pin) is connected to C6.

I do not understand why your readings show Voltages. Are you checking the resistance of C6 and C7 with POWER applied to the unit while doing resistance test?
Sorry for not stating it clearer, I powered on to read voltages, and powered off to ready resistance, and recorded them in the same row..

So my reference of Pin1 & Pin3 is reversed. Based on your picture:
Pin3: 23 Vdc / 146 ohm
Pin2: < 1 Vdc / < 1 ohm
Pin1: < 1 Vdc / 14 ohm

Black probe on Pin2: Red probe on
Pin3: 23 Vdc / 152 ohm
Pin1: < 1 Vdc / 14 ohm
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