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Default How do you remove/install LCD panels from TV?

So, yesterday I dinged an LCD panel on a rack and cracked it, the TV was a write off. I noticed there was a LOT of flex in the glass as I took it off the TV and turned to put it on the rack. I was moving too fast because the amount of flex worried me, I didn't want it to crack, and I wanted to get it onto a flat surface for storage while I changed some lights, unfortunately my haste caused my fear to come true.

So. how do YOU move the LCD panel when you need to get to the LED lamps?

My process so far, (I've only done this a half dozen times,) is to:

1. Lay the TV face down, get the back off, disconect the ribbon cables to the LCD driver boards, remove the screws for the front bezel.

2. Flip the TV over (LCD up) and remove the front bezel.

3. Then I try to carefully lift the LCD panel up and off the TV and place it on a flat surface for storage.

4. Once it's out of the way there is usually a second bezel and then the plexiglass and mylar screens to remove and then I've got access to the lamps.

5. I've been replaceing individual lamps in place without removing strips. I've found that if you cut/scrape the plastic off the old LED you get to a metal plate that is easily heated and removed with a soldering iron, I solder new ones in and use clear silicon to 'glue' the reflector back on. I replaced nine LEDs yeaterday in well under an hour. ( a set from Shop Jimmy would be $100+ including freight)

I'd like to hear from anyone who has found a 'better way', tips, tricks and hacks welcomed, I'm sure we could all learn something.

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